Wednesday 27 April 2022

Quality European Style Tilt Turn Windows

Quality European Style Tilt Turn Windows to Curacao in Caribbean

European style tilt turn windows are getting more and more popular because of it's high performance on energy efficiency, sound proof, air tightness and water tightness. DoorWin built a bath of windows for a clients in Curacao in Caribbean where normally require sliding windows at economic price but the clients finally choose us because of DoorWin reputation and window performance. The clients is doing renovation for their house and requires high quality products for all of their materials because they want a quality life.

Why Choose DoorWin From Their Aspect?

The clients is a couple of father and son who talked with us on the purchase, both the father and son comment that we are too expensive after received DoorWin quote and told us our price is much much higher than other suppliers. So they compares window series frame, hardware details, glass configurations, weather strips as well as company reputation. So the finally choose DoorWin after very carefully comparision and they said price always equals to product quality. These windows are a high cost effective window series with European Style Tilt Turn Operation system, German origin brand hard wear for better strength and durability, 3 layers quality weather strips for high performance on sound proof, air tightness and water tightness.