Saturday 30 April 2022

Casement Window

What Type of Material is the Best for My Casement Window?

Have you considered the age or current efficiency of your windows? If you have the old wood-framed windows, are they in good repair, has the glazing begun to fall off, do you have storm windows to make up for the single pane, are there cracked panes of glass? If they are vinyl windows, how old are they? Everything wears out eventually and becomes less efficient. Installing new windows will completely change the look of your home, increase its efficiency, and give you new styling options. Once you decide it is time to update your windows, you will need to decide on if and where you want casement windows and what you want the windows' material to be.

Have you ever heard of a casement window?

Casement windows are traditionally hinged on the top and bottom that a crank can open to an absolute position. There is more than one type of casement window that you will need to know.