Friday 29 April 2022

China Construction Expo

The 23rd China (Guangzhou) Construction Expo in 2021 will be held from July 20th to 23rd.
The ESWDA organized many powerful companies to participate in the exhibition. Including EOSS Windows, WARREN Windows, KINCONA Windows, JUREN Windows, XING GUAN Glass, QZCNC(JMD), BOTAG Insulation Materials. The China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) also attaches great importance to the participation of the ESWDA. After active coordination, the 15.1 area as a whole was designated as the "ESWDA Area". At the same time, it also provides many preferential measures and conveniences for the participating enterprises of the alliance.
The companies participating this time are all outstanding representatives of Chinese system windows companies. During the exhibition, various companies will show the highest-level products in the industry to audiences, so that everyone can appreciate the charm of high-performance system windows and doors!
Please friends and colleagues in the industry, do not miss the wonderful exhibition area of ESWDA. 15.1 in Zone C, all exhibitors from ESWDA warmly welcome you to visit and negotiate!
As of the afternoon of July 18th, some of the exhibitors' booths and exhibits are being arranged in an orderly manner. The following pictures are the scene of the on-site construction.