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Business Fables Adapted

Business Fables Adapted From Aesop For Humans Who Work For a Living - on Amazon

Today, all humans who work for a living are in business in one way or another. They are the participants, cheerleaders, anti-heroes, first responders, or economically injured people in a national and global game.

The media tend to divide the public into consumers and investors. This is no longer clever or useful.. Humans are far more than that. Most of them do the essential work that keep things going during turbulent times. They show up despite extreme weather events and deal with dysfunctional incidents, daily challenges, and multiplying uncertainties.

Business Fables

Floor To Ceiling Windows Cost

How Much Do Floor To Ceiling Windows Cost?

Home décor is an intricate part of your house that can dramatically change the ambiance. The right furniture and accessories can completely transform your home. One such great addition to your home could be a window that extends to the ceiling. Floor-to-ceiling windows are undoubtedly a cult favorite, especially in this era of contemporary design trends.

If you are a homeowner looking for ways to spruce up the interior of your house, floor-to-ceiling windows might just be the best option for you. But before you make a decision, it is best to learn more about these windows first. In this way, you can prevent the possibility of errors and accidents. So, keep reading till the end.

Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

How To Choose Floor-to-Ceiling Windows?

Floor-to-ceiling windows are becoming increasingly popular among new homeowners these days and for all the good reasons! If properly installed, floor-to-ceiling windows look stunning, and they make any room look more spacious. However, the windows or walls you require depend on lots of factors, including the location of your house.

Additionally, the wall-to-ceiling window is an umbrella term for a wide range of glass designs. Some designs work well in some homes but fail in others. So, how to choose floor-to-ceiling windows suitable for your home? That's the topic this article will try to cover, and hopefully, give you some ideas to work with.



Double Pane Windows

Why Do You Need Double Pane Windows?

Double pane windows are an option worth considering, and this article explains why you need double pane windows.

For ages, single pane windows have been widely used, but of late, everyone is looking for more energy efficient solutions. With the increased sensitization on creating healthier environments, double pane windows have become a more cost effective way to reduce energy use in buildings.

Double Pane Windows Installation and Replacement

A double window pane is a glass of two layers separated by a layer of insulating gas or vacuum. The gas trapped between the glass layers lowers the heat transfer rate. It, therefore, keeps the home warmer in cold weather and cooler in hot weather. Double pane windows are also called dual pane windows or Insulated Glass units (IGU).

Because of the insulation between the glass panes, double pane windows help reduce heat loss and gain and noise.

Aluminum French Doors

What is Aluminum French Doors

Aluminum French doors(or Aluminum French doors) lend beauty and elegance to a room, they create smooth transitions between the aluminum french doors interior and the aluminum french doors exterior (or aluminum french doors exterior) which not only invite natural light into your home, but also provide exceptional views of your outdoor space. Aluminum French doors are the perfect solution for both residential and commercial applications. They are ease of maintenance and built to last whilst keeping the traditional charm of a French door. If you're looking to buy aluminum french doors online, you've certainly landed in the right place. AP Windows & Doors provides a vast range of high performance aluminum French doors that are practical, stylish, energy efficient and highly durable.

Smart Alu


Friday 28 October 2022

Type of Glass is Used in Windows

What Type of Glass is Used in Windows?

If you are in the market for new or replacement windows, you could be wondering what type of glass is used in windows.

A wide range of glass types is recommended for use in windows. Window glazing can be Low-E, laminated, mirrored, and so on, but the best option for your window is determined by your needs, location, window type, and, of course, your budget. Most importantly, the type of window glass. This article will teach you everything you need to know about selecting the best glass window type.

Solid Wood Interior Doors

ESWDA is the top leading manufacturer and supplier of wood doors in China. We have various Solid Wood Doors for the client's options. The wood species we could offer: New Jersey Red Oak Wood, Cherry, Black Walnut, Mahogany, Douglas fir, Pine, Larch, Knotty Alder and Maple. Today we focus on introducing solid wood interior doors (or called Indoor Solid Wood Doors) through the form of Questions and Answers.


Windows and Doors and Curtain Wall Expo

From November 5th to 8th, 2019, the FBC China International Windows & Doors & Curtain Wall Expo was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. More than 20 member companies of the ESWDA exhibited various exquisite and high-quality window and door products at this expo.


 There are a thousand and one reasons you would want to choose floor-to-ceiling windows for your brand-new or renovated home. For most of us who desire these types of windows, the question of cost will always take precedence. Cost is one factor that is extremely important when making many design choices. Lucky for you, this article explains everything you need to know about the cost of floor-to-ceiling windows for your property.





You can see window manufacturers would suggest you pump argon gas into the window panes to improve their energy efficiency. As we all know, double-pane and triple windows are much more energy efficient than single pane windows. Part of the reason behind them is double pane glazing is thicker with extra pane and more space created between two panes, let alone triple panes. Argon gas is a good choice if we want to upgrade the performance of double pane windows.


Argon gas is a gas that is naturally founded in the atmosphere. It is a good insulator and prevention for frost. It's healthy and does no harm to the environment or humans. Besides, it's easily available and comes with a friendly price. It has no color, no taste.


 Modern-day designs are centered on the usage of glass. It conveys novelty and luxury. This is why high-end buildings and contemporary structures have glass as the primary building material. Floor-to-ceiling windows are a design element that sets apart a building design. These epic windows radiate vibrancy, especially if the structure overlooks a breathtaking natural view. WHAT ARE FLOOR-TO-CEILING WINDOWS? 
 As their name suggests, floor-to-ceiling windows begin from the floor and end at the ceiling, creating the illusion of a large glass wall. For this reason, they are often referred to as window walls. They provide unobstructed perspectives and instantly create a sense of openness and airiness.

Friday 21 October 2022

Argon Gas

How Argon Filling Improves Windows Performance

When shopping for windows, you've probably heard of the argon windows; windows infilled in the glass panes to improve the overall energy efficiency performance of the window. Let's look into it.

What Is Argon Gas?

Argon is a colorless, odorless gas that is totally inert to other substances.It is often used when an inert atmosphere is needed. These properties make it suitable for a variety of uses.

Argon is used by welders to protect the weld area and in incandescent light bulbs to prevent oxygen from corroding the filament. It is also used in fluorescent tubes and low-energy light bulbs, which frequently contain argon gas and mercury. Luxury car tyres can contain argon to protect the rubber and reduce road noise.

The application of argon gas in the built environment is in window glass. Argon is used to fill the space between the panes of multi-glazed windows.It is one of gases that can be used in windows for this purpose; krypton, xenon, nitrogen or oxygen may also be used.

Insulating Glass Spacers

All You Need to Know about Insulating Glass Spacers

This article covers everything you need to know about insulating glass spacers, including types and the most recent technologies.

Architects, developers, and homeowners worldwide are making a concerted effort to create and live in energy-efficient spaces. Because glass is the most popular modern construction material after concrete, it is the best place to start when creating greener spacers. Using insulating glass instead of regular glass to reduce heating and cooling needs, thereby lowering energy bills, is one of the most effective ways of ensuring energy efficiency in buildings.

Insulating glass is created by combining layers of glass and filling the gaps between the layers with gas. It is critical to maintaining uniform space between the glass layers in order for the insulating glass unit to be effective. Insulating glass spacers are spacer bars used to separate glass panes of double or triple-pane insulating glass, as the name implies. The spacers are used to provide a fixed gap between the layers of an insulating glass unit in order to determine the constant width of infill gases. These spacers are critical in the production of insulating glass because they directly affect the performance of the insulating glass (IG) unit.


Thursday 20 October 2022

Low-E Glass Save Energy

How Does Low-E Glass Save Energy?

Low-E glasses are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners day by day. One of its most well-known benefits is that it is energy-efficient. So, you might wonder, how does low-E glass save energy?

The insulating and reflecting mechanism of Low-E glasses makes them energy-efficient. These glasses reflect heat. As a result, the heat stays out on hot days. Besides, it keeps the home warm during winter.

There are many benefits of Low-E glasses. In this article, I'll go a bit deeper into how they work and also the advantages of these glasses that make them so popular among homeowners. So, without further ado, let's get right into it.

ESWDA Vs Anderson

When it comes to window for your home, the brand that likely comes to your mind is Anderson ( Founded in 1903, with an abundant history over 100 years, Anderson is no doubt the most popular windows and doors brand in America. Anderson has been designing and building windows and doors among the best-performing in the industry favored by builders and homeowners. As one of new emerging power, ESWDA Group, its rapid development has been evidenced by many wonderful projects of high-end wood aluminum windows and doors. ESWDA Group, a young and promising windows/ doors China manufacturer, has been exported its products to USA, Canada, South America, Europe, etc. With wonderful cooperation with homeowners and construction professionals, our clients satisfy our products and feed back to us. Our professional sales team have been in job sites in person for many times to know the real situation, find out clients' concern and suggest the suitable resolutions to the problems.