Saturday 30 April 2022


The garage door is a key investment for your car and even the house. The garage door should be easy to operate, be reliable and secure, and last for decades. Compared with swing-out garage doors, bifold doors save more space, and are easier to operate, making them better choices for garage door designs. By the way, they open, there are two main bifold garage doors: vertical and horizontal. Here are a few popular bifold garage door designs. RESIDENTIAL VERTICAL BIFOLD GARAGE DOORS For residential garage doors, the size of the door is usually for one-car or two-car. With a vertical bifold garage door, the door folds into the inside of the garage and on the air, providing the maximum space in width for homeowners to drive in and avoid fewer situations like the car might be scratched on the side. Vertical bifold garage doors provide a contemporary look and are more stylish but tend to be more costly as they require stronger hardware to uphold the door to make it fold vertically. Vertical bifold garage doors are getting a new trend for residential housings, after all, who doesn't fancy a good garage door with great aesthetics?

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