Thursday 29 July 2021

Man You Matter

Man You Matter (2019) I Humpday Prayer

Humpday Warfare Prayer Suicidal Pastors-
Man, you matter to us more than you realize and God more than you can comprehend. Feeling down in the dumps, inadequate, dumb decision, trapped, shameful, depressed, underappreciated, overwhelmed? Listen to this.

Man You Matter

Friday 23 July 2021

Humpday Warfare Prayer

Humpday Warfare Prayer I Suicidal Pastors (2019)

Humpday Warfare Prayer Suicidal Pastors-
Contrary to what you may believe many good, hardworking, caring, faithful, and honest pastors exist. However, like you and me they are human and hurt. Instead of nailing them to the cross with our insults and entitlement, we should pray for them. Many of them truly care. Remember how you felt when you were in the dumps. We plead the blood of Jesus against this demonic spirit. Pastor, you will live in Jesus' name!

Humpday Warfare Prayer


Perth emergency dental practice

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What are dental emergencies?

Dental emergencies can be caused from an injury, accident, eating or decay. Sometimes a patient can experience unbearable pain that it is considered an emergency.

Should I wait or call a dentist?

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How do I know its an emergency?

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Friday 16 July 2021

Combat Depression

Combat Depression - Humpday Prayer (2019)

Depression really doesn't have to get the best of you. There is a way to defeat depression when the ugly giant raises its head. Play this prayer from beginning to end and receive the encouragement you deserve. You are not alone!

Humpday Prayer



Crossover - Opportunity & Breakthrough Warfare Prayer

Warfare fight prayer against demonic and self-inflicted hindrance, fear, defeat, and delay. Now is the time to cross over into your blessings that await! Sometimes the biggest obstacle is you. Give the "inner me" and the adversary "the devil" no place to reside.


Thursday 15 July 2021

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Sunday 11 July 2021


BeckMilli - Take Man Out (Official Music Video)

If you are new to my channel, I'm happy you clicked on my video! Hopefully, You enjoy this video.

Take Man Out

Saturday 10 July 2021

The Spear Shakers: Featuring Kelly Richey & Sherri McGee | Promotional Video ~ Kelly Richey

Kelly Richey's vision to develop an all-original female blues-rock power duo was inspired by her love for bands like the White Stripes, The Kills, The Flat Duo Jets, and the Black Keys. The Spear Shakers feature Kelly Richey on lead guitar and vocals and Sherri McGee on the drums. The raw power, electrifying force, and psychedelic sound of these two stars form a new constellation. Two words can be used, sum up, these women: Bad-Ass! McGee's blues-rock shamanic grooves lay a thundering foundation for Richey's masterful guitar jams delivered with a muscularity that will move your soul and melt your face.

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Tuesday 6 July 2021

Create an Elementor Website

Create an Elementor Website | Domains | Hosting | Plugins | Wordpress | 2021 | 90+ Mobile Page Speed

This Video brings together 25 videos from a Course where we go through it all from Domains, Hosting, Wordpress, Plugins to a Full Page Build with Elementor covering tons of areas - and most of all - achieving a 90+ Page Speed Insights score for the Mobile.

Create an Elementor Website