Wednesday 8 June 2016

What is The Argireline Peptide.? Argireline Serum Reviews and Benefits

What is The Argireline Peptide

If you haven't heard about this amazing peptide called Argireline, click here first:
Dr. Oz recently praised this ingredient for its rejuvenatory functions. Read more about this on our official website at In this video, I offer a brief introduction to argireline, which is a hexapeptide.
You should lknow that Argireline is actually the brand name of the product made by Lipotec, a research laboratory in Barcelona, Spain.

The chemical name is Acetyl Hexapeptide 3, which is a combination of 6 different amino acids.

This is usually applied (versus injected) to the areas around the eyes, forehead, and mouth where wrinkles typically appear. The combination works by limiting the ability of the muscles to contract when you are frowning or smiling. This means that you'll have a reduction of the appearance of those wrinkles that are the typical result of these facial movements.
Maybe you’ve heard of “BOTOX,” (another trademarked name) which is an injectable anti-wrinkle treatment. Many people compare the results of BOTOX injections to topically applied creams containing Argireline, and far prefer using a cream rather than injections. Personally, I would prefer a topical treatment, versus an injection. I even saw a video here on YouTube where Dr. Oz talked about Argireline, and recommended it (You can just search "Dr. Oz Argireline" and you'll be able to find the clip).
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