Monday 6 June 2016

Mentor Me.: Happiness, Success, Motivation, Inspiration Books and Quotes

Find out why this author is quoted daily in social media worldwide.

Shortly after publishing his first book, Mentor Me quotes from Ken Poirot gained in popularity.

"Mentor Me" quickly became a bestseller in multiple niches on Amazon; now every single day somewhere in the world Ken Poirot's quotes are posted in social media.

Some of the topics covered in "Mentor Me" by Ken Poirot are how to have happiness, success, motivation, and inspiration.

There are even more topics and even some very profound themes other than happiness, success, motivation, and inspiration found in this "deceptively simple book."

"Mentor Me" by Ken Poirot is said to offer "... plenty of insight into oneself as well as others, and it should prove to be a valuable guide," by professional reviewer Barry Silverstein. The entirety of this review can be read here:

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