Thursday 9 June 2016

Content Delivery Network Live Streaming.

Our dedicated team thoroughly inspects the proposed solution. We analyse all products, make recommendations on how to increase the performance and implement any changes and required developments.
This review includes:
• Reviewing all the characteristics of the content as well as providing fresh features
• Technical review of the infrastructure required to deliver
• Advice on improvements and modifications to increase performance and speed and video quality
• Recommendations on advertising and marketing integration with partners e.g Video Virals
• Staff support for trouble shooting and content maintenance
• Frequent audits and advice on modifications to streamline your service
• Set up detailed reporting functions
• Review of the entire network foundation globally for optimal delivery
• Transcoding systems to encode and re-encode your content for current and future formats e,.g mobile delivery to blackberries and iPhones.
• Integration of software tools for optimising upload speeds and CDN ingress
• Provide the correct techniques for updating, removing and purging content e.g web object or podcast downloads on itunes

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cdn video hosting

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Global CDN Value Added Services

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