Sunday 22 May 2016

Wireless Cycling Communication Headset for Bicycle Helmets - VERTIX Velo

Velo – Bluetooth bicycle helmet headset for Cycling communication

Designed specially for recreational mountain and road bikers, Velo enhances your ride safety and enjoyment without any wires to hinder your movements.

The rugged bluetooth cyclist headset, Velo is built for recreational cyclists. With its ability to provide intercom chat with 4 riders (up to total 1.5km) and wirelessly connect to smartphone for calls, music, radio or GPS, it is poised to enhance the safety and enjoyment of cycling through clearer communication.

International Warranty: 1 year / 90 days for accessories
Includes: Velo Control Unit x1, Road Bike Headset x1, Remote Control with mounting x1

VERTIX Velo - Wireless Cyclist Headset
Redefining cycling communication

Enhance Safety:

1.Complements hand signals
2.Communicating effectively, & always staying connected In low light or raining situations
3. Shouting not required, & breathing rhythm is maintained
4. Share moments easily with fellow cyclists

bluetooth headset for cycling
bluetooth helmet communication

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