Sunday 22 May 2016

VERTIX Velo, Wireless Cycling Communication Headset for Bicycle Helmet.

VERTIX Velo is a wireless headset designed for cyclists who are always hungry for an outdoor adventure-may it be chasing sunsets or standing on top of the mountains. For me it goes beyond the usual bluetooth headsets for music and calls only.

The VERTIX Velo allows me to communicate with fellow cyclists via its intercom feature each time we go on a trail ride in the safest and most convenient ways possible.

Cycling Safely with VERTIX Velo Bluetooth-Compatible Headset
1.Compatible with most Bluetooth smartphones
2.Intercom chat for up to 4 riders
3.Clear communication lines at distances up to 1.5km
4.Seamless connection to smartphones for mobile calls and music
5.Patented noise-filtering wireless communication technology

Bicycle communication
bicycle helmet with bluetooth

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