Friday 3 February 2023

Types of Round Windows

Different shapes and styles of windows can enhance the look and feel of a room, especially when it comes to lighting and space. Consider the following options for a unique touch to your interior or exterior walls:

Circle Windows: These circular shaped windows provide a simple and calming view of the outside world. They work well in rooms that require privacy and natural light.

Hexagon Windows: These six-sided windows offer a modern aesthetic and are perfect for contemporary rooms, such as entertainment centers.

Octagon Windows: Octagon windows are eight-sided and provide a traditional look while still allowing for plenty of light and air flow.

Oval Windows: Oval shaped windows offer a balance between a round and flat window, providing a unique, oblong view.

Arch Windows: Arch windows are tall and rectangular, with a rounded top. They provide a regal look, often seen in mansions or royal palaces, and can open from the center or edge, giving the illusion of height to a room.

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