Thursday 10 November 2022

Prefab Home

What Is A Prefab Home?

The Normans did something remarkable during the Battle of Tinchebray. They pulled pieces of preformed materials out of their battleship and built a mighty fortress within a night. Roman de Rou, an epic poem by Wace, includes a description of this event. And that is the first mention of prefab homes in world history.

In Wace's poem, the Earl who erected the first prefab home had brought in beams and pegs in his battleship. As per the poem's description, these beams and pegs had certain qualities. They were already 'planned, pierced, carved and trimmed.' And that is what prefab homes are. You put together a collection of factory-made pieces and erect a house in the quickest possible time.

So, prefab homes aren't new. However, with the aid of technology, they have come a long way since the Norman fortress. And at this time of rising housing and construction costs, prefab homes look like the best solution. Keep reading for more.