Saturday 13 August 2022

Casement and Double Hung

While furnishing your home with windows, some questions you might have to think about windows. The No.1 question is what window style you should choose. Casement and double hung are both popular windows types, you may be curious to know if you can mix casement and double hung window in a house? What window types is good for my home?

Casement & Double Hung

Casement is a window type that hinged at the frame, usually at the side, to swing open horizontally. If it's hinged at top and open outward, it's an awning; at the bottom, it's a hopper. American style casement usually swings open outward 90 degrees with a crank. Germany style casement window (casement) can swing inward or outward 180 degrees with a handle, can even open in a tilt and turn way. Casement window provides maximum ventilation and modern elements to homes.