Sunday 31 July 2022


 A double pane window, commonly known as an IGU or Insulated Glass Unit, has two panes of glass split by a vacuum or gas (like argon). IGUs are meant to reduce both energy loss and outside noise, such as street traffic, and are twice as efficient as single pane windows. IGUs keep warm air inside during cold winters, and cool air inside during hot summers, keeping your home quiet all year. 
SINGLE PANE V/S DOUBLE PANE: WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENCES? Single pane and double pane windows are distinguished by the fact that single pane windows have just one layer of glass, but double pane windows have two layers, usually separated by a layer of argon or krypton gas. Both come in a variety of fashions and are, for the most part, interchangeable in terms of look. When deciding between single and double pane windows, there are a few significant distinctions to remember.