Sunday 11 April 2021

DoorWin Group Perfect Accordion Windows For California Luxury House

DoorWin Group Perfect Accordion Windows For California Luxury House in Beverly Hills Villa

About Doorwin ( ) California Project:
One of Doorwin's projects of Tilt Turn Windows is located in Torrance City, California, USA. This project is a personal villa. We are proud to tell you more about it. The main window type is thermal break aluminum windows with teak wood interior cladding, featuring a tilt-turn opening. Thus it remains the beauty of wood and great energy efficiency, low maintenance, easy finishing of thermal break aluminum profiles. Double glazing fully tempered glass is our standard option to meet the need for performance. What's more, with our seamlessly welding joint technique, our windows are with improved aesthetics and harmony. No many companies are able to make it. To perfectly match the aluminum profiles, the spacer between the glazing is powder coated to the same color as aluminum's color. With detailed discussion with the customers, instead of using the traditional color of spacers, we changed it into the same color as aluminum. That's what Doorwin means by providing customized service. Customized grille design adds
more aesthetics and a classic look.
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Doorwin California Project