Saturday, 14 July 2018

How to prepare your website for the SEO campaign?

Not each and every website is suitable by default for the SEO campaign. You have to actually undertake some steps in order to create a proper website which is suitable for ranking on the search engines. Once you are able to modify your website accordingly, it will become easier for the Google expert to rank your website in the search engines. We will today share with you some of the things which you need to look into before hiring an SEO Expert Dallas.

Qamar Zaman Google Expert
1. Checking the keyword density: You have to 1st figure out what are the main keywords of the website. When you’re hiring someone for Lawyer SEO , they will be able to share with you the keywords which they will be targeting as well. You have to make sure that there are specific pages on the website which are targeting those keywords as well. You have to always keep the keyword density 2%. When you are able to do that, it will become easier for you to rank the page as well.

2. Amount of content available: You need to always keep in mind that you have to look at the amount of content which is available on the website. Ideally, a page which you want to rank on the search engine should have at least 500 words of content. The more the amount of content, the better and easier it will be for you to rank the page on the search engines. That is why you have to also take the amount of content. If the content on your pages on the lower side, it is a much better idea to increase the content on the website.

3. Checking the site loading time: The site loading time is a very important factor when it comes to SEO. If the site loading time is more, you will not be able to rank easily. That is why you have to speed up your site as well in order to ensure that it loads quickly. In case, your website is slow even after making the changes, you have to speak with your web hosting provider in order to speed up the web hosting so that your website is able to load quickly.

Once you are able to make the modifications to your website, it will become easier for you to start your SEO campaign. Most of the professional Google experts will also advise you to do the same. You have to make these modifications and thereafter you have to think about starting the SEO campaign.