Friday 29 April 2016

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As Immigration Lawyers Brisbane, the No.1 most common type of Migration Advice our clients seek revolves around the age old question ‘what are my visa options to stay in Australia?’ In response to this, we often advise clients that the majority of applications can be more or less divided into a handful of different visa categories. There are of course the more unique or obscure visa pathways, however for the common migrant; it is unlikely that they would qualify for more than one or two visas at any point in time.

Download the Australian Visa Map Diagram here:

To help our clients understand, we often break down the different visa pathways into eight (8) separate categories. Skilled Visas, Student Visas, Sponsored Visas, Temporary Work Visas, Family Visas, Business Visas, Visitor Visas, New Zealand Citizens Visas and Other Visas. Within each of these eight categories there can be several visa classes, all of which have their own unique and distinct eligibility criteria.

Importantly, some visas, such as Student or Visitor visas, although are generally only intended for short stays in Australia, are often used by applicants as a ‘vehicle’ to a more substantial and longer term visa. For example, following the completion of their studies, Student visa holders may find suitable employment and be eligible for a Sponsor visa if their Australian employer is willing to sponsor them and meets specific criteria. Alternatively, students who have studied in a highly skilled area may be eligible to apply for a Skilled visa, based on factors such as their points score and their ability to obtain a Migration Skills Assessment in their occupation.

Similarly, Visitor visas are commonly used by applicants who have Australian partners as a way of entering the country and then applying for a Partner visa from inside Australia, enjoying the benefit of a ‘Bridging Visa’ which allows them to stay inside the country with their Australian partners while the new visa is processing. This is often seen as preferable to applying from outside Australia where they may otherwise be forced to spend long periods of time separated from their Australian partners waiting for their new visa.
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