Tuesday 8 March 2016

Immune cells interacting. in human blood

This video shows two immune cells interacting together in human blood. We often find Immune cells playing with each other, as such.

Healthy immune cells should be able to search the blood in order to find fungus, bacteria, parasites and cell problems. They should be active and not over worked.

The blood in this video has healthy immune cells and healthy red blood cells, living in a clean and healthy environment, which is crucial for your health.

Your immune system and organs should not work overtime to clean out junk food and chemicals from bad life style choices.
As we all know, working overtime and under pressure results in a tired body and a tired mind in every scenario.

To those looking for optimal health: stop stressing, laugh more and make better lifestyle choices because your life depends on it.

The best results are with an organic vegetarian and vegan based diet.
Get quality nutrition from plants.

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