Sunday 8 May 2022


Standard windows are different from Custom windows; you wouldn't need to pay a premium on them and they are designed to conform to most rough opening sizes in various homes. Their architectural appeal is such that other window types cannot easily match and lucky for homeowners, standard size windows reduce the burden of installing, manufacturing, or even crafting them.

 In all, whether you're opting for a standard window or a custom type, your final choice will affect the size and amount you'll pay to have them installed. But if you'd rather escape the bulky costs of a new replacement window, then a standard window is a better choice.

What Window Size Do You Need?

Modern Window manufacturers have carefully carved out simple size notation to make replacement windows easy and quick to fix. It is with this you can figure out what is most suitable. This window size notation comprises the width and height, with the first two #'s for width, while the second two #'s signify the height. A "2426" replacement window has a width of 2-feet 4-inches and a height of 2'6″.