Monday, 22 August 2016

Adel & Jess - Secuestrame (Videos de Musica Romantica 2016) - Canciones de Amor para Enamorados

Musica Romantica 2016 by Adel & Jess - Secuestrame. No olvides comentar los nuevos videos de musica romantica y suscribete para disfrutar de más baladas románticas pop 2016. Musica para Enamorados.

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La balada romántica o balada latina es un género musical originado en España y que luego alcanzó popularidad en América Latina. Derivó directamente de la copla española, como vertiente enriquecida por el uso de la orquesta sinfónica, que desde los años 40 fue común en España.

Uno de los principales difusores fue Elvis Presley, cuando por presión social tuvo que dejar el rock and roll, se dedicó a la nueva balada de música para enamorados. En los años 50 América Latina, Europa y los otros continentes recibieron la influencia musical estadounidense y produjeron reediciones, temas para recordar de baladas románticas americanas con nueva música con letras en idiomas autóctonos durante más de una década que forman parte de la música romántica del ayer, en definitiva música del recuerdo. Raphael y Manuel Alejandro, después de triunfar en España con canciones romanticas como "Cuando tú no estás", "Yo soy aquel" y "Digan lo que digan", se lanzarían a interpretar música popular mexicana abriéndose las puertas a más bandas españolas en todo el mundo hispanoamericano. En los 60, cuando todo el mundo había aprendido a hacer música romántica norteamericana, intérpretes de otros países europeos influidos por el auge americano les hacen competencia. En los años posteriores se desarrollaron nuevas formas musicales partiendo de ritmos del rock fusionados con ritmos locales, y haciéndolos lentos realizaron música que no era precisamente balada, pero si música romántica.

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Sunday, 21 August 2016

The BEST LOVE SONGS. of Adel & Jess (Romantic Music Videos of New Songs 2016- 2017)

The BEST LOVE SONGS of Adel & Jess (Romantic Music Videos of New Songs 2016- 2017)


LOVE SONGS of Adel & Jess

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Burning Building (Official Video 2015) | Indie Love Songs About Social Justice | Indie Songs | JRock

Video Production | Video Marketing
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This New Independent Song, Burning Building Is All About Bringing Social Justice By Taking Constructive Steps And Peace.

Clive Stewart Absolutely Considers His Music To Be jrock
The Singer Of The Song Clive Stewart Was Proud To Present This Song As An Independent Educational Song To Promote Love And Harmony In Our Society. The Song Is About Social Justice And May Also be Classified In The Popular Reggaeton Category

This Indie Song Is Not About The Usual Romantic Love Between Two People. It Is About A Love That Exists Between The People And The Community. The Bond Between Community Members And The Society Is A Very Strong One And Most Of All Changes To A Society Comes From Within. Why Should Be So hard To Understand That All Lives Matter. All lives Should Be Treated Equally And All Lives Must Be Cherished. Why Should Any Life Be More Important Than The Other. Love, Patience And Constructive Criticism Is All We Need To Make This World Better.

The Director Of The Song "Himesh Bhargo" Had A Vision To Promote The idea That All Lives Matter. " I heard The Lyrics And Was Like , WoW !!! Instantly I Wanted To Move Forward With The Idea That Exhibits That There Is No Sense In Destroying Anything or Hurting Innocent People To Achieve Justice. "

Clive Stewart In An Independent Music Maker And Himesh Bhargo Has Successfully Directed Award Winning Independent Films. The Combination Of The Two Brings This Amazing Indie Love Song In Reggaeton JRock Genre That Has The Power To Educate The Youth To Take More Rational Steps.

This Indie JRock Song Starts With A Reporter Reporting Another Black Woman Was Beaten By Police Officers. The Woman Watching Is The Victim. She Decides To Walk Away From The Society That Is Causing All The Pain And Hurt in Her Heart. While She Is Walking Away From It All There Are Protests And Riots . There Can Never Be A Feasible Solution To Any Situation If Violence Is Used. This Educational JRock Song Is About Promoting Peace And Justice In Our Society.
One of the viewers stated that there need to be an understanding that Black Lives Matter, Cop Lives Matter and for a constructive society All Lives Matter. All Lives Must Matter Because With That Comes Equality And True Justice !

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Friday, 19 August 2016

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If you have a topic that is not covered on The Mortgage Guy’s YouTube Channel or have any questions, feel free to contact John today.

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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Wedding Photography in Chicago., IL | Professional Wedding Photographers and Videographers

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