Sunday 31 January 2016

Ponytail Headband. | Ear Warmer from Finish It! Gear - Review

Great for walking, dog walking, skiing, skating, outdoor sports in cold weather or snow.

The Finish It! Gear headband with ponytail hole measures 9.75 inches long, 4.5 inches over ears and 2.5” inches over your forehead for a sleek streamlined fit.

85% premium US fleece, 15% cotton for extra softness against your skin and super moisture wicking action for zero sweat in your eyes. Spandex binding stretches to fit smaller heads with a snug, secure fit so your hair stays in place.

Extra fleece is sewn into the ear area to keep your ears warm and feel cuddly in cold weather without overheating.

Superior chain stitched construction forms a strong and durable chain-like link pattern that will not stretch out over time or pull apart of time like many imported women’s headbands.

Each headband is hand trimmed for a clean finish so that it looks and feels like a custom garment.

Ponytail Headband

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